The Emory College Language Center (ECLC) contributes to the fulfillment of Emory’s commitment to international education by promoting the teaching and learning of languages as an essential component of the intellectual experience of students and faculty at Emory College. To achieve this goal the Emory College Language Center:

  • Encourages innovation in language pedagogy by providing faculty with opportunities for professional development
  • Fosters the intellectual growth of faculty by supporting research in disciplines that involve language learning and teaching
  • Enhances the effectiveness of language learning and teaching through the integration of language pedagogy and technology
  • Promotes further understanding of world cultures by providing students with opportunities to experience these cultures both on campus and beyond
  • Encourages and recognizes excellence in language teaching and learning by faculty and students


The Emory College Language Center was established in 2000 to work closely and collaboratively with the Emory College language departments, Emory’s Library & Information Technology Services, and the Center for Teaching and Curriculum to facilitate and support language instruction and to advance our understanding of language pedagogy.

Sarah Shortt
Program Coordinator
Woodruff Library 421A