There are various places to become travel destinations abroad.

There are various places to become travel destinations abroad. For example Guam and Saipan, Hawaii and South Korea, Taiwan, China, Europe etc, there is no chance to raise the number. In such circumstances it is Britain personally recommended. Although it costs a little, although it has a traditional history that is different from Japan, it is characterized by many old buildings, but cuisine is delicious besides. In general it is said that British food is not tasty. Certainly ""British cuisine to eat in general"" is not delicious. However, please eat the unusual British cuisine by all means! For example, familiar roast beef and steaks originate in the UK. Basically it may be only baked, but that is the taste of British cuisine, the seasoning is ""to do it yourself"" is the British style. If you eat British cuisine without knowing it, it will talk about whether there is no taste and it can be said that it is unpleasant. Besides, in British breakfast sausage, bacon, heated egg dishes are served and it is also called ""English breakfast"". Actually this is a rating higher than that of continental cuisine in Europe. There is also a dish called Haggis, which is a so-called intestinal dish, but it is absolutely a recommended item for those who are not good at intestinal filling. By the way, she seems to be using sheep's stomach, but recently there seems to be other materials as well. But, if you want to eat the ones of that land, you should try eating Haggis which was made of sheep's stomach. If it is not that we are not good at intestinal dishes, I would like to recommend that you try it by all means. Because it was a bit, once again, speaking again, British food is said to be tasty because it takes a long time to cook the food. This is because the fundamental way of thinking of British cuisine is different from us, British cuisine is ""their seasoning is not a job of a chef 's their claim is that they are conscious of it You should use seasonings. This is also the aspect of the history of the country of Britain, the history does not only appear in buildings, right? I think that you can enjoy your trip only by understanding the essence of the dishes you went to. It is not everything on the guidebook. So, if you are confident that you can season it to fit your tongue, it is also good to observe the food culture of the country called England absolutely.